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Monday, August 12, 2013

Verdict after Clash of Technologies: All’s well with Ebullient Apple Inc. after US Trade Panel Judgment

Long-running battle of patents between World's number one and two smartphone companies come across a verdict. Finally! The U.S. International Trade Commission ruled for Apple Inc. in a long-running dispute. Under a high-profile patent infringement case, a verdict from a US trade panel caressed Apple Inc.’s furs and ruffled the furs of Samsung. All smiles for Apple, as the verdict came as a relief with a multitude of consequences on the floor. Now does the South Korean enterprise, SamsungElectronics Co. mobile devices face a sales and import prohibition in the United States? Passions may fuel from South Korea towards the judgment as the long-treaded dispute has met its fate. Though, it’s still ambiguous about the real repercussions of the ruling and also magnitude of the ban. But as of now verdict says that Samsung is banned from importing, selling and distributing devices in the United States that trespasses on some entitlements on the patents. Earlier in mid-2011, Apple had filed

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