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Monday, August 12, 2013

President Obama to initiate reforms in Surveillance Programs

President Barack Obama stated in unambiguous terms that he would not stop the U.S. government’s surveillance programs that have come under fire both from national and international quarters. The president however admitted that the United States "can and must be more transparent" with regard to such shadowing campaigns. Recognizing the need for striking a balance between security and civil liberties, the president promised to improve oversight of surveillance. Law Being Followed In a news conference at the White Hose Obama acknowledged that these recent leaks by a former spy had tarnished the country’s image. As a response, the president promised to incorporate “appropriate reforms” in such programs and restore public trust. "I am comfortable that the program currently is not being abused. I am comfortable that if the American people examined exactly what was taking place, how it was being used, what the safeguards were, that they would say, `You know what? These folks are foll

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