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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Facebook captivates the Canadian audiences!

Do I see a broad grin on Facebook? Well folks its creditable, Facebook is the favorite of almost 19 million Canadians who religiously log on to it once a month. Can you believe it this is almost half the total population of the country? Another whopper for you, almost 14 million Canadians check news feed daily. Facebook statistics The social network highlighted a batch of new statistics that show that Facebook the networking giant is quite a favorite with the Canadian people. The statistics show that nearly 19 million use it once a month and 14 million are hooked on to it daily. Furthermore 13 million access the social networking website once a month from their mobile devices and 9.4 million are actively interacting with their contacts through their tablets or phones. Even if the desktop users take the “Facebook cake” and outnumber the mobile fraternity but the mobile users are fully into the Facebook game. Jordan Banks, managing director of Facebook Canada exuberantly commented "

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