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Friday, August 16, 2013

NASA’s Kepler ends hunt for alien worlds!

Let’s wish Kepler a good bye folks!! NASA has finally quit on Kepler Spacecraft! The US Space administration has decided to stop making any effort to get it back working and the last attempt made at recovering the reaction wheels of the Kepler Observatory was unsuccessful and could not be fixed according to the NASA officials. Kepler Space Telescope bids a good bye? The hunting days of the gimpy NASA Kepler space telescope seem to be over as the damage to its reaction wheels or its positioning system is irreparable confirm sources from NASA. The Kepler Space observatory had been set up way back in 2009 and was sent out hunting for planets the size of Earth and their parent stars. It was searching for the presence of liquid water on the planets. It was sensitized to sense a dip in the light emitted by a star. This slight dip indicated that a planet was passing by. Almost nothing could escape the line of vision of the telescope and it used to peer steadily on at least 100,000 target s

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