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Monday, August 12, 2013

Most men want women to shell out money as well while on a date

A new study has stated that around a figure of 64 per cent men feel that women should be paying their share on a date, although a huge number of males face a feeling of guilt while accepting money from a lady. As per the study most men strongly believe that women should share the bill on a date. Almost 44 per cent of men said that they would surely stop dating a woman who never loosens her pocket. Over half around 57 per cent of women assure that they usually do offer to split the bill, but out of them many women roughly around 39 per cent confided that in their heart they secretly pray that men would reject their offers for the same. Around 44 per cent of women were tensed when men wanted women to help share the bill. More than 17000 participants have been surveyed by the study by Chapman University's David Frederick and colleagues from California State University and Wellesley College. The researchers, through the study, found that with conventional norms remaining consistent, a hug

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