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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mouth Bacteria may lead to Bowel Cancer: Studies

Two new studies conducted in the US indicate that fusobacteria, a bacteria that reside in the mouth of a person, has the potency to cause colorectal cancer commonly known as bowel cancer. This bacterium tends to trigger overactive immune responses, which in turn, stimulates cancer growth gene. The latest studies thus help understand how fusobacteria is involved in tumor growth. The Studies The first study, conducted by researchers at Harvard, showed high levels of fusobacteria in adenomas. Adenomas are benevolent bowel growth but have high probability of becoming cancerous over a period of time. "Fusobacteria may provide not only a new way to group or describe colon cancers but also, more importantly, a new perspective on how to target pathways to halt tumour growth and spread," said Dr Wendy Garrett, lead author of Harvard study. The second study which was carried out by scientists at Case Western Reserve University, established that the presence of a molecule called FadA on the surf

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